2011 certainly was the year for Eurasian Water Milfoil Control Projects. Eurasian Water Milfoil Control is one of PLM’s strengths and this year we proved it. PLM can control the invasive milfoil as well as prevent it from coming back for several years, in turn saving in management costs. One of our major projects was the continuation and expansion of the Lake Minnetonka Milfoil Management Project which was increased from the three original bays to five bays. In cooperation with the Army Core of Engineers, The Lake Minnetonka Association and The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, PLM conducted treatments and research in various bays and scenarios to determine the exact science and product selection to manage this highly invasive species. PLM is now expanding this service to all lakefront property owners in the area. Here are just a few things residents had to say:

“Went out on the 4th on our boat… I can’t believe the results…” –Mary Tucker, Carmen’s Bay

“From my perspective, I believe the St. Alban’s Bay treatment was a great success! We are enjoying milfoil-free boating on our bay and it appears there are plenty of native weeds for the fish. I cannot remember a better July 4th weekend.” – Deb Kind St. Alban’s bay

“Our bay is the best it has ever been, with almost zero milfoil to be found. July 4th brought many more users on the bay than in years past. Recreational activities were free of milfoil, and it was a much improved experience.” -Thomas Lowe, Carmen’s Bay

“We had more people in the water this last weekend on rafts, noodles and water toys then we have had in long while. Last year you could not leave the dock and idle out 150’ on the wave runner without plugging the intake. Also, when water skiing you always had to reverse to remove the weeds before launch – not this year.” – Judd Brackett, Gideon’s Bay

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