Minnesota Treatment Information

Minnesota Rules allow for ½ your frontage or 100 feet whichever is less
MN statue allows for a maximum of 1/2 your shoreline or 100 feet, whichever is less.
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PLM offers a two-treatment program in which we use herbicides and algaecides to maintain your lakefront. Invasive species not only harm natural lake life, but they are also nuisances to many recreational activities – our treatment alleviates the stress brought on when attempting to swim, fish, or boat in an infested area.

Before treatments begin, you will receive a letter from us with your tentative treatment dates, as well as dock signs and dock ribbons that assist our applicators. After this, our professionally trained applicators take care of the rest!

PLM is the leader in aquatic invasive species (AIS) management. Our solutions are scientifically driven, utilizing the latest in research and technologies and are backed by the industry’s leading guarantee. Our extensive list of clients includes the MNDNR, watershed districts, local units of government, lake associations, homeowner groups, and many more.