PLM Adds Innovative Tools for Algae Control and Management

PLM Adds Innovative Tools for Algae Control and Management

During our Fall PLM Newsletter we introduced a new product called SeClear. SeClear is an innovative product that not only controls algae but, it also reduces the phosphorous in the water column by binding it with the sediment.  Phosphorous is the primary fuel for algae growth. The proactive capability of using SeClear gives PLM the ability to reduce the severity or frequency of future algae blooms. GreencleanSome of the potential benefits when using this new technology are; reduced copper use over time, reduced treatment frequency, improved aesthetics, longer control and cost savings. When using SeClear, there will be a higher cost per acre compared to traditional copper treatments but hopefully with longer lasting results and a proactive approach by addressing the root cause of most algae blooms – excess nutrients.

Oxidizing Compounds

PLM will also be expanding our use of oxidizing compounds in 2013. Over the last several years we have been experimenting with the use of GreenClean products. GreenClean oxidizing compounds have no residual build up in the environment. It has been our goal to get a better understanding of how these products can be used effectively, at a reasonable cost and benefit to the environment. During the 2013 season your lake manager may provide you an alternative approach to control algae using GreenClean, at a similar cost as past seasons. Elevated levels of the bacteria, E.Coli in residential and/or swimming areas are a concern for anyone who uses their water body for recreational purposes. Although E.Coli is present in all water bodies it can become elevated due to failing septic systems, run off, waterfowl feces, etc. If elevated levels are documented and swimming restrictions are put in place, PLM now has the ability to immediately control the contamination using a new product called Alonglife. Alonglife is an algaecide and bactericide that can be used safely and effectively in these conditions.



Aeration technology has been around for years as a way to improve oxygen levels and overall stability of a water body. PLM has recently implemented new aeration technology that offers ease of installation, sound reduction and affordability to even the individual homeowner. PLM is now offering Airmax Eco Systems aeration throughout Michigan. If your lake our pond is experiencing significant internal loading of phosphorous, algae blooms or fish kills please contact your regional manager for an on-site evaluation regarding how an aeration system can benefit your water body.


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