Curly Leaf Pondweed Control with Clearcast

Curlyleaf pondweed control using clearcast

PLM Lake & Land Management is proud to introduce the latest advancement in Curly Leaf Pondweed Management…


Sepro Clearcast Aquatic Herbicide 27G

What is Clearcast®?

Clearcast® is a unique aquatic herbicide with the ability to control invasive and nusance submersed and emergent weeds in and around ponds, lakes, reservoirs, wetlands, ditches, canals, and other aquatic sites. The active ingredient in Clearcast® is absorbed through the leaves,stems and roots of vegetation. It binds with an enzyme found only in plants, and not found in humans, mammals, birds, fish or insects. Sensitive plants stop growing within 24 hours after treatment, and then slowly break down as food and energy reserves are exhausted. The rate at which treated weed biomass decline is a function of plant size and growth habit, but gradual reduction helps maintain habitat and water quality by slowing release of nutrients from decaying target weed biomass. Clearcast® has a very favorable environmental profile, and is classified as practically nontoxic to birds, fish,algae and aquatic invertebrates. It is the only herbicide terrestrial or aquatic—that has been granted complete exemption from food crop residue tolerances by USEPA based on results of toxicological studies required for registration. There are no food residue limits for
Clearcast® in fish, shellfish, crustaceans or irrigated crops.

Selective Control means increased native plant protection.

Current contact herbicides for curly leaf pondweed control produce some injury to desirable native plants. Laboratory studies and field use indicate that Clearcast® can provide excellent selectivity to desirable native plants versus traditional contact herbicides. Improved selectivity allows desirable native vegetation to proliferate more effectively following treatment and limit the potential for future curlyleaf re-infestation from turions, the resting stages of the invasive plant that make it a long-term problem.

Sepro Clearcast Aquatic Herbicide

Systemic Control means full plant control for long term results.

As a systemic herbicide that moves rapidly throughout the entire treated plant, Clearcast® can improve control of the entire curly leaf plant— shoots as well as rhizomes and roots in the sediment—in contrast to traditional contact herbicides that generally control just shoot biomass with greater risk of recovery from rhizomes.

Clearcast® saves money.

Clearcast is cost effective when compared to other traditional contact herbicides. The selective and systemic properties of Clearcast® can improve long-term results of efforts to manage curly leaf pondweed with the potential to save thousands of dollars over contact herbicide programs.

Clearcast is the CLEAR choice for curly leaf pondweed management. Contact PLM Lake & Land Management to learn more about this exciting new technology.


PLM Lake and Land Management Corp applies Clearcast



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